Pomeranian for sale - how to avoid falling into the scammer's trap

Pomeranian for sale - how to avoid falling into the scammer's trap

You've seen it, you've fallen in love, what's left to do? Take him home! But not before making sure that your future family member is really what you wanted. 

As the number of unauthorised breeders and scams based on "purebred" puppies has increased in recent years, it's becoming increasingly difficult to stay on safe ground when it comes to purchasing your new friend. Let's face it, who can resist a furry, dark-eyed, round puppy who looks at you as if his whole present and future depend on you! That's exactly what Internet scammers rely on. 

Fortunately, there are a few clear clues to unmasking these scams. In what follows, you will learn how to spot a kennel offering puppies for sale from pomeranian breed with pedigree lines authentic and how to make sure your money goes where it should.

How do you avoid being cheated when buying a purebred Pomeranian puppy?
  • Check if the breeder is a member of an association 

 If you want a pomeranian puppy purebred and with pedigreeone of the signs that you can tell if you are talking to a licensed breeder is FCI membership (International Federation of ChinologyThis association only recognizes kennels that grow a breed of dogs pure, in perfect health in terms of heredity and functionality, so it is an important clue. 

The Pomeranian, or "Dwarf Spitz", is the smallest of the five variants of the German Spitz breed, so its appearance in the first months of life can be misleading even to breed connoisseurs. Appealing to a specialized kennel, you make sure your baby will grow up without surprises. 

  • Obtain documentation from the breeder 

When it comes to supporting documents, we already know that fraudsters have a whole arsenal of false documents at their disposal to try to gain your trust. However, the information they have at their disposal is limited, so there's a good chance you'll be able to tell if you're walking into a trap if you know which documents to ask for. 

Before you make your final decision, make sure that the breeder can provide you with the puppy's health guarantee (with full vaccination schedule, age-appropriate deworming and microchipping), pedigree certificate (FCI), sales contract and passport, in case the kennel is delivers the puppy in another country. 

  • Get information about the parents of your baby

Parents of a small dog breedsThe Pomeranian, like the Pomeranian, is very important in determining the character stability, health and appearance of the new litter. A professional breeder will certainly want to make sure that the breeding of the breed is done responsibly, so will be able to give you a lot of relevant information about the correct breeding and care of your new family member.   

Experienced breeders take the best precautions, use their knowledge and carry out numerous examinations to ensure that only healthy animals breed together. If you have contacted a Pomeranian breeder and are interested in buying a puppy, try to visit the breeder at home or make sure that, as mentioned above, they will provide you with a health guarantee, pedigree certificate and contract for the sale of the little one. A licensed breeder will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your new friend. 

  • Learn to recognise fake presentation photos 

Most buyers want to purchase a Pomeranian dog in Teacup, Toy or Miniature Pomeranian. Buying from a licensed breeder guarantees that your new Pomeranian will grow up to breed standards. What are these standards? Your puppy's gene structure itself. Professional breeders know how to carefully choose characteristics and make the optimal combinations to produce a dog purebred pomeranian

In the Pomeranian Factory kennel we preserve the characteristics of the breed through constant participation in dog shows, so all the parents of our puppies are pedigree dogs champions and referees, who manifest the traits of the pure breed. For example, puppies purchased from our approved breeders (left), they have reached the threshold of maturity while perfectly preserving their genes and breed traits (right): 

Without a thorough study of the breed standards and participation in Pomeranian dog shows organized by licensed breeders, the breed traits can easily be lost. Although the puppies may seem authentic when they are young, once they reach adulthood they begin to exhibit characteristics foreign to the pure breed: long back, long nose, disappearance of the fluffy coat, long ears, weight exceeding breed standards (3.5 kg). 

A large number of so-called breeders scam and mislead customers by showing them puppies that are of the Spitz breed in general, but not of the Pomeranian breed. As you can see in the pictures below, although still as cute as ever, the litter of a similar breed (left) loses the characteristics you paid for when it reaches maturity (right): 

The guarantee that you can always contact the kennel where your Pomeranian comes from

Even though we're sure you'll love pomeranian puppy regardless of race, the choice you make goes beyond the subject of feelings. It is very important to be able to trust kennel and be sure that you will receive support in solving any problem related to your baby. 

The Pomeranian is a live animal, so there are always risks that you need to consider and that a licensed breeder will be able to cover. If you would like to find out more about the guarantees that the Pomeranian Factory kennel offers for your puppy, please visit Health guarantee

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