Are Pomeranian Teddy Bears a real breed?

Are Pomeranian Teddy Bears a real breed?

Fluffy fur, cuddly little eyes, teddy bear face ... you'd say the description fits perfectly with that of a Pomeranian Teddy Bearisn't it? What if we told you that this race doesn't actually exist? 

In the world of licensed breeders, there is only one breed of pomeranianthe classic one, also known as the "Dwarf Spitz". The rest are just cosmetic details and individual characteristics of the puppy.

How did the name Pomeranian Teddy Bear come to be recognized by the public as an individual breed?

The Teddy Bear is not a breed per se, but it is certainly a look that many owners and breeders who participate in dog shows prefer for their puppies. 

Just because all Pomeranian puppies are the same breed doesn't mean they have to look the same. Each puppy is born with its own traits, so it is very easy for unauthorised breeders and sellers to invent new breed names. Why? To make the sales scheme simpler. 

Why do some Pomeranians look like bears?

The teddy bear look is largely down to the genetics of the breed and the way the coat has been cared for. Breeders in England (mid-18th century) spent many decades practising selective breeding of the breed to create the perfect pet, which they later named Pomeranian. Over time, the original breed underwent numerous changes due to territorial expansion, so the physical traits of the dogs were also slightly altered.

If you want a puppy purebred pomeranian Teddy Bear look, the best place to start your search is a licensed kennel offering puppies for sale. pomeranian with pure pedigree lines. A licensed breeder will show you your pet, give you pertinent information about its care and, most importantly, provide you with a health guarantee along with all the paperwork proving the purity of the breed (see Home more details about the Pomeranian Factory kennel).

How do you groom your Pomeranian's fur to give him the Teddy Bear look?

Grooming and trimming play an extremely important role in your Pomeranian's grooming routine. Before purchasing a pedigree dog pomeranian, it is very important to know that his fur is a financial investment that you should consider. 

A Pomeranian's coat is composed of two layers: 

  1. Outer layer - long and "wrapped" yarns
  2. Inner layer - short and dense yarns

To create the teddy bear look you want, the outer layer of the puppy's coat needs to be trimmed and maintained constantly. If you're not sure you can repeat this process regularly with a professional groomer, we recommend you think twice before making a decision you may regret later. 

Why is it safer to take your Pomeranian to a professional for the Teddy Bear look?

If the outer layer of fur is made up of thin, fast-growing hair, the inner layer is a different story altogether. The person in charge of your Pomeranian's appearance should know that once you trim off the inner layer of hair, there's a very good chance that your puppy's coat will never grow back to the shape or density it was in the beginning. This is a risk you will have to take. 

To avoid such situations, the safest option is an appointment at a professional grooming salon. 

Can any Pomeranian puppy be turned into a Teddy Bear?

In addition to the groomer's consummate grooming skills, the look of the bear depends to a very large extent on the purity of your puppy's breed. Pomeranian puppies obtained as a result of breed contamination will lose some of the characteristics of the pure breed and therefore their coat may undergo changes that make it impossible to achieve the Teddy Bear appearance. 

For this very reason, when looking for a pomeranian for sale it's best to turn your attention to approved breeders who can offer you the certainty that your little friend is a purebred (see more details about guarantee Pomeranian Factory kennel). 


What should you take away from this article? Even though Teddy Bear Pomeranians aren't a real breed, you can always get this look for your pup purebred pomeranian choosing a professional grooming salon and, more importantly, a licensed breeder from whom to purchase your litter. 

Start your search for your next family member now on the Pomeranian Factory kennel website, page Puppies, where we have listed all the little ones available for quick sale.

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