Guarantee health

Losing your best friend is a difficult experience, especially when it is unpredictable and unavoidable. 

If your puppy develops any untreatable life-threatening congenital defect and dies due to heart, organ or genetic defects, send us the initial veterinary exams and picture of the deceased puppy and we will do our best to make your loss easier by sending a pomeranian chicken with the same sex, race and physical qualities you originally paid for. In this case, delivery is the responsibility of the customer. 

1 year health guarantee 

The guarantee can be accessed if confirmed: 

  • Heart defects (level 4 or above) 
  • Congenital organ dysfunction resulting in death
  • Any other congenital defect causing death 

Do you want to file a claim to access the guarantee?

To account for your puppy's death, you must provide us with the following documents and information:

  • Copy of all initial veterinary examinations you have had. These must clearly indicate that the death was caused solely by a congenital problem/no fault of the owner within 48 hours of the initial diagnosis (hydrocephalus is only declared if the animal is suffering from a seizure disorder);
  • The physician's examination (autopsy) should clearly indicate death due to a congenital 100% problem. Once the document is submitted, it will be forwarded to our veterinarian for further review to confirm the congenital defect. Documentation must be submitted within 48 hours of initial diagnosis;
  • All application documents must be submitted within 1 year. If a congenital disease is discovered, it must be reported to the seller within 48 hours of the initial diagnosis. 

Steps to ensure the health of your Pomeranian puppy

  • All basic, rabies and optional vaccines, including kennel cough injections, are administered prior to travel. This includes internal and external treatment of parasites; 
  • To prevent hypoglycemia/low blood sugar, please feed purebred pomeranian with the appropriate diet;
  • At the kennel, we properly treat all puppies with parasites/worms. 

Your puppy will leave Pomeranian Factory kennel with the certainty that all precautions of possible illness have been taken. Therefore, we do not take responsibility in cases such as: 

  • Treatable disorders or common disorders such as: patella luxator, hernias, open fontanelles, parasites, blood sugar, skin problems; 
  • Naturally occurring changes such as puppy eye colour, coat colour or weight;
  • Parasites or worms. Although puppies are properly treated in our kennel against them, they can reappear depending on the environment and are common in all puppies;
  • Veterinary invoices issued after the first 3 days (72 hours) of the puppy's arrival at destination; 
  • Veterinary bills and transport of the replacement puppy. 

Settlement of treatments 

During the first 3 days after receiving the Pomeranian, we will cover up to 300 EURO of the veterinary bills for the treatment. This excludes examination fees, radiology, ultrasound, CT scans, blood tests and other regular check-ups. Proof must be emailed to the seller before reimbursement can be made. 

  • Please allow up to 6 weeks for any refund to be processed;
  • The seller reserves the right to request additional documents before reimbursement;
  • The contract must be signed and executed to activate the health guarantee; 
  • The buyer will receive the contract for signature in electronic format; 
  • If the contract was signed after you received the puppy, was not signed, lapsed or expired, the 1-year health guarantee is void. 


How long does a Pomeranian breed dog live? 

In general, it depends a lot on how you care for your dog. Our puppies come from a kennel with reputable breeders who specialise in the care of this pedigree breeds

Will my puppy grow in size? 

Yes. Your puppy is a living animal, so it will go through a growth phase. 

Although we estimate the size and weight of adult puppies, this estimate is not a guarantee that the numbers will stay within the parameters. The way we estimate is based on the measurements of your puppy's parents and grandparents pedigree pomeranian

What parameters can affect the way my puppy looks? 

Factors such as exercise and diet can affect a puppy's size and weight to the point where it can be called overweight. 

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