Your puppy's safety is our top priority 

In the last few years of kennel operation, all of our puppies have been delivered safely. 

We have the right to postpone the delivery date if we risk the health of a pomeranian with pedigree to be endangered. Delivery will be rescheduled for another date.

From our kennel to your arms is just a few steps! 

We work with a third party delivery company to adapt to changing flight schedules and to address indirect flight issues. 

As we organise flights, unforeseen problems can arise, such as space limitations on the aircraft or the airline delaying planned flights. 

Reservations with specific time slots are not guaranteed until the airline where the reservation was made provides confirmation. 

Delivering your puppy

Please check with your local customs and airline for any fees related to importing a puppy (documentation fees, broker fees, etc.). The cost of shipping paid to us only covers the flight and resources necessary to ensure the safe transport of the puppy to its destination. It does not cover freight charges or fees charged by the authorities at the destination. The puppy is picked up at the airport. 

In order to fly safely, chickens must pass our final veterinary checks and receive clearance from veterinary specialists along with a quarantine period and the necessary travel documentation. Our team will contact you for delivery one week prior to travel. If there are any changes to the arrival date, we will notify you as soon as possible. If you have not been contacted one week before the scheduled date, please contact our sales team on 0731 447 550. 

To know! Given the evolution of the current COVID 19 pandemic, delivery options may be changed without prior notice. 

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