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What do we do? We complete families!

Pomeranian Factory is an FCI member kennel with an authorized breeder's affix MANDARIN FLUFFY DOG, which offers for sale puppies from Pomeranian breed with authentic pedigree lines.

The loyalty and cuteness of our puppies runs in the family 

Pomeranian Factory puppies are bred from pedigree dogs, champions and referees, fed the highest quality food for life. Our kennel provides them with a healthy and happy growing environment, so your puppy is ready to give you love from its first day in your new family. 

Pomeranian Factory specimens can be delivered both at home and abroad. Our kennel will only take care of the necessary documents.

Why Pomeranian Factory? 
Extensive experience in breeding purebred puppies 

With years of experience in dog show participation, the Pomeranian Factory has special connections with personnel who specialize in breeding pomeranian breeds ethically by prohibiting inbreeding. 

The health of our puppies comes first 

We have partnerships with prestigious veterinarians who cooperate with our kennel and keep all puppies in excellent health, as well as an outstandingly experienced grooming team that gives puppies the premium attention they need. 

About Pomeranian breed

5 things you need to know about your puppy's breed:
  • The Pomeranian is a breed of dogs Spitz type. This name was established by the International Federation of Chinology because of its similarity to the German Spitz breed.
  • The "German Spitz" dog breed comes in 5 sizes, with the Pomeranian being the smallest of them all. That's why it's also called "Dwarf Spitz".
  • The Pomeranian is a breed of small dogs and fluffy. Some puppies have faces that breeders liken to a fox, doll or teddy bear.
  • The Pomeranian is a breed of dogs Extroverted, enjoying human or canine company.
  • The Pomeranian is one of the most popular dog breeds. 

Life expectancy

Life expectancy is about 15 years

Food Regime

High-quality protein sources such as chicken, lamb, beef or turkey, nutrient-rich ingredients such as flaxseed, turkey liver and salmon oil are recommended.


The Pomeranian is a lively dog, intelligent, eager to learn, easy to train. This breed is very loyal to its owner and family.

Country of Origin

The Pomeranian country of origin is Pomerania (East Germany and North Poland).


The Pomeranian gets along very well with children. It is a good companion for any type of person.

Living environment

The Pomeranian is an ideal apartment dog not recommended for outdoor living due to its size, and despite its moderate tolerance to heat and cold. Sharing space with his family is best for this breed.


To minimise the risk of your dog developing hereditary health problems, you should only buy a puppy from a licensed breeder.


The coat is long, straight, double, with a soft and fluffy undercoat. It should be brushed frequently. Shampoo when necessary, every 2-4 weeks, only with irritant-free products.

Pomeranian from Purebred

Your puppy leaves the kennel healthy, happy and ready to love you!

  • Microcip
  • Passport 
  • Full vaccination schedule 
  • Age-appropriate deworming 
  • FCI Pedigree

For the safety of your puppy purebred pomeranianOur team has put together a complete care kit that you will receive when your pet arrives home.  

The Pomeranian Factory Kit provides professional guidance so you can give your puppy the care he needs with the multiple international champion pedigree lines he inherits. 

Are you ready to bring

New boyfriend home?

Do you want a puppy you're totally compatible with? The Pomeranian Factory offers advice both before you choose a puppy from our kennel and during the process of settling into your new home. 

New house gift

The first days together are the most important. Because we want you to spend as much time as possible with your new family member, when you buy a puppy from our kennel you will receive a Free Premium KIT with all the products needed for the first days in the new house. 

  • Pat puffs 
  • Modular yard
  • Care set 
  • Food 

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